Great Last Minute Children’s Gift Ideas!

Are you just now finding out from your youngster that they have a birthday party to attend that very afternoon, and that they not only need you to drive them but you also have to pick up a present along the way?


If you answered yes, then you are reading the right article! Before you get in the car and head to the mall, here are some great last minute gift ideas.


Movie Tickets

Of course, you won’t buy tickets for a specific movie and time. Instead, buy a selection of general admission tickets that the recipient can not only use for themselves but also use to take their friends with them.


Along with being a great gift, this is also an excellent lesson for the child to learn about sharing, and how they can use their benefit for the benefit of others, such as their friends.


App Store Credit

There was once a time when getting a gift voucher was a rude gesture. HOwever, nowadays, it’s not only the most convenient but can also be the most beneficial. APp store credit, as an example, is as simple as purchasing a physical gift card from your favorite department store. All you have to do is know if they have an iPhone or Android-based phone.


Once received, children can use this credit for all sorts of uses, such as to buy in-game items to help them progress through a game or to buy a new game altogether, depending on their parent’s allowances.


Video Games!

A video game is always a great idea for a child, however, it can often be hard to know what to buy. Find out a little bit about the recipient’s interests and check through the range of games at the Groupon Coupons page for Origin. Of course, you will want to choose something educational, but be sure that it also has an element of fun for the child to enjoy.



Despite what the children tell you, parents love it when their child receives clothes as a gift. Simply because it’s one less item which they need to buy. However, the trick is to buy the right clothes. Instead of just going to your regular department store children’s section, look for a brand name children’s brand and buy something from there. It doesn’t have to be expensive, something as simple as a t-shirt is enough to appease both the parent and the child. Just be sure to buy the right size.



While you may think that children don’t like to read, the truth is simply that children don’t like to read boring books which they are given at school. Take a browse through the aisles of your local bookstore for something which matches the personal interest of the recipient. For example, if they like car racing, consider an autobiography of a famous driver.


Buying a gift should be a fun experience, not a stressful one! Keep this list handy for the next time that you need to buy a last-minute gift and relax knowing you will get a great gift that’s sure to please!